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Elie happy

Elie had 4 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren whom he all knew. The one who is on the photograph with him, it is me. So,... the old lady is my grandmother! But it is not the wife of Elie.
It was a day of great joy, the day of my marriage. Approximately 30 years ago...
At that time, I had long hair because I did not like to go at the hairdresser's. Elie thought that I was pretty, I was feminine like that.
I was grateful to him to find me feminine. There were so many people who admitted badly that I chose a masculine job!
I worked as an engineer in a factory which produced aluminium extrusions for the metal carpentry, the racks of trucks or the metal floors of rubber boats. I was in charge of the dies management (these large tools which can be seen on the photograph), and I had about thirty men under my hierarchy. The customers used to give us the drawings of the sections to manufacture, we used to make the tools, to adjust them (delicate operation) and to ensure maintenance of them.


Thereafter, I worked in other industrial companies: in an electric material company, then in conception and realization of printers.
I was always attracted by new technologies. It is true that it is not always easy to understand. But this way, I passed from industry to the industrial data processing. I have had to work for a long time to understand a little. And it is not finished, that moves every day.

So, I thought of having done an interesting work on architectures of data bases. I spoke about it. I was encouraged to start a company. My husband and our three children supported me. I took a young data processing specialist in my adventure. A prototype was developed. All those who were shown with it found it interesting. But it was 10 years in advance!!!

Therefore, not the least customer. It was necessary to stop.

I was sad. I did not want any more to run after the future. I needed to understand from where I came. I needed to find my grandparent, to understand their suffering in this terrible century marked by the wars, but also their formidable broadmindedness, their tolerance, their will of peace. And their surprising serenity in their old age, among their grandchildren...
And now, I want to tell their history. For Raphaël, my grandson, it is a little early. I would be again 10 years in advance!

Author and grand-son

During my research, I noted that there were few recent documents on the Campaign of Cilicie. The books which I read are written by very serious historians who analyze the details with much precision. It is very interesting for who wants to understand in-depth. But it is necessary to have time.
The older documents are easier to read. They are partial stories. They are invaluable and rare. They are found where the old books are preserved: Historical Service of Defense (SHD) section Army, the CHAN, the Noubarian library, the BNF or the BDIC in Nanterre.

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