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Pozanti - that French soldiers wrote Bozanti - is in the center of a small plateau in the mountains of Taurus. This plateau is like a hopper between the Anatolian plateau in North and the way down towards the plain of Cilicia in the South. Because of the mountains, the rains are frequent there and the vegetation is abundant. Large trees bring the shade and the mildness under the sun of summer. In August 2006, the motorway which serves Cilicia until Gaziantep stopped in Pozanti. The prolongation towards Anatolia was in construction, animating the plateau of the buzz of its building sites. The Arikan hotel, where we were very well received, is an important halt for the road drivers and the buses coming from all Turkey. The travellers preferring today to take the bus, the railway station, always into activity, hardly changed since 1920.
The statue of Mustapha Kemal recalls us that he is still very present in the collective memory, and the local population does not seem to have forgotten the short French occupation.

Pozanti - The station
Pozanti - The station

We took the small road which goes up towards Kamishli, in North, from where we could contemplate the whole of the plateau (photographs 4 and 5). At the bottom on the left, we could guess passages who allows to go down towards Cilicia. It is divided into two: on a side, towards the line, the motorway which borrows Cilicia Gates, and towards the left, the narrow gorges of Tchakit, where it was necessary to build impressionants tunnels to allow the train passing. Germans built the railway at the beginning of the 20th century. For huge work of the crossing of Taurus, they had installed their building site in Belemedik, 15 km in the South of Bozanti. The Ak Keupru bridge closes the plateau in North. A natural bolt bored now by the road forms a rock barrier that only Tchakit circumvents. Other side, it is Anatolia. The vegetation is rarer, the landscape is more austere.

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