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Association "Memory of the Great War", created in 2004, puts a point of honor at perdurer the memory of all those which underwent the violent ones engagements of the Great War. It is the reason why it takes part as often as possible in the ceremonies of the memory or for more various occasions, like the recent participation on a purely individual basis for certain of its members. In the short films: " Aération ", " La noria ", " Le puits "; for a telefilm: "Thibault" and finally for the television broadcast: " C'est pas sorcier " ("It is not wizard"). For all these services the members of association had to make share of their experiments in each field which they like.

In order to allow many impassioned to keep a bond with association, Internet site was created. Updated regularly, the site offers to the Net surfers various services: album photographs; studies and articles on facts, objects, anecdotes related to the Great War; planning of our demonstrations; forum and golden book; the retranscription of all the newspaper cuttings having a bond with our association, etc.

The Anovi editions devote a site to the Great War and its time. On this very rich site, you will find articles, documents, photographs, historical summaries, all that will enable you to understand what our grandparents lived.

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