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There were approximately 60 000 inhabitants with Marash in 1920. It was possible to reach the city by practicable tracks by caravans of camels. The first cars and trucks had difficulties in pass.

View from the citadel
View from the citadel

Today, the city counts more than 500 000 inhabitants. At the foot of the Citadel (Kale), the old mosque (Ulu Camii) is surrounded of a shady place where the inhabitants of the city take a little rest. Further, at the end of the line of trees, the Arasa mosque (Camii Arasa) is in southern end of the old city. It is very close from there, in the khan Arasa, where the commander Corneloup had placed his troops, in 1920.
There is no more church in Marash...
The bazaar, with its tinners and its saddlers, keeps the still alive traditions. It is a very active shopping centre. One finds there of all, including food and clothing. Many shops propose a great choice of veils: there are very few women who do not wear the veil in the streets of Marash.
The old districts of the center, full of History, are surrounded of vast zones of recent buildings and beautiful aspect. Public transport makes it possible to quickly go one district to the other by broad avenues. The city is served by good roads towards Kayseri, Adana, Islahiye or Gaziantep. In the plain, agriculture is flourishing.

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