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In all the cities and villages of Turkey, we can see monuments with Ataturk. In Marash, the heroic one, the inhabitants of the city are celebrated with the national liberator. One of the monuments to Ataturk and the local heros is near Hotel Belli where we were welcome.

The monument which is on the road of Islahiye particularly evokes the combat against the French who do not have the beautiful role. It is true that they have fought hard during three weeks, doing many victims among the Turks, but they have not been able to make the decisions which could have brought the victory to them and they were defeated. They have not been brilliant!..
The brooks of Shekerdere and Kanlidere which divided the city in two are now channeled in tubes. Their bed became transportation route. The bridge of Kanlidere remains, as well as the Turkish houses which control it. It had a great strategic importance at the time of the siege of Marash.
On the heights of Shekerdere, a large mosque of 10 000 places is under construction, and already quite advanced. It dominates the city and the plain of Marash.
Apart from the city towards North, the bridge on Ceyhan is old. On the road of Islahiye, the bridge on Aksu is more recent. In 1920, there existed here only a wooden bridge built by English army beside the ford where the trucks could cross. Downstream, Aksu river crosses very marshy zones now drained and is sinking in the loose ground. It is only at the foot of the hill that the ground is hard and that the river cannot dig. It is where vehicles can cross to ford, and where one can find such a solid ground to build a bridge. But in the war of 1920, the hill with its trees is an ideal headland to fire on those who want to pass.
We visited Islahiye. The station has not been well changed since 1920. It was a very windy day... Wind comes down from Marash and grows between the mountains on the road of Islahiye.
After Islahiye, Amanus mountains offer beautiful landscape.
On the road of Gaziantep, agriculture is prosperous. Large cotton or aubergine fields can be seen.

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