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Cilicia Gates are known since Antiquity. They are an easy passage through the high mountains of Taurus, they allows the communication between Anatolia and Cilicia, Europa and Asia Minor. Today, they are crossed by the motorway which connects Adana to Pozanti, and whose construction towards Anatolia continues. They must have been widened to allow the passage of the two ways. The river disappeared, burried.
Here what the assistant of the Commander Mesnil says, in answer to the questions of a General, in 1932:

While moving away from the coast we rise very quickly on slopes gray, leprous, furnished with a thin shrubby vegetation similar to that of the Moroccan coast. With the top, around 300 meters, the coasts take the aspect of Esterel and suddenly, this first curtain passed, we penetrate on a first wooded plate from where the road of Bozanti escapes to climb a second stage whose crowning consists in the plate of Tchamalan (towards Gulekkale). The solid mass which limits the plate in north appears very tormented and the road disappears in a gorge: Cilicia Gates, to drop then on Bozanti. East of road is more permeable, less high than the West where snow reigns ten months a year.(SHD 4H228)

The road Anatolia-Cilicia passes through the "Cilicia Gates", historical passage very narrow: maximum width 50 m including 30 occupied by a torrent; length approximately 1 km. On both sides, impassable mountains. We still find the hinges at the entry and to the exit of the gorges which supported the doors placed to prohibit the passage at the time of the crusades, as said.
Lieutenant Journois - 412th RI - 1932 (SHD 4H228)

Cilicia Gates and motorway
Vue générale

We crossed Cilicia Gates by a beautiful afternoon in August. Then we climbed to the fortress of Gulek, Gulekkale. The sun declined and gave, with the fog, a soft light. The spectacular landscape allows to appreciate the strategic importance of the fortress. Further north, another fortress watched over the passage, Ibrahimpasha Kale. We did not see it.
In 1920, Cilicia Gates control was done from Bozanti (Pozanti). So, French soldiers kept under surveillance the road which passed through that gorge and the railway which goes through a nearby valley, crossing obstacles through impressive tunnels.
We also admired vegetation of this montainous and wet area. Plants and trees grow in harmony, alike in Corsica, our Beauty Island. Even pine trees growing in the rocks, climbind the slopes audaciously, remind laricio pines of Corsica.

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