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I found (in SHD 4H194) a note dated September 6, 1919. It emanates from colonel Philipin de Piépape, ordering French troops of Cilicie, based in Adana. It is addressed "to Mister the General Ordering the French Troops of Levant" who is in Beirut. It relates to the health of its soldiers:

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French soldiers grooming in Vostarem (Macedoine) on 1918

I have the honor to report you that the medical state of the French Troops of Cilicie remains a subject of concern. -

1°. - The entries at the hospital or the infirmaries did not increase appreciably, and no serious epidemic is immediately threatening. Nevertheless the general state is very debilitated under the influence of the climate, the majority of the men are in a marked state of anaemia which jumps to the eyes to first inspection. -
It is obvious that currently, it would be impossible to ask the troops an effort. -

2°. - I believed necessary to give you an report of it.
The most touched elements are:
a) Two Squadrons of Hunters, y included that of Sis, which has been just inspected by the Chief doctor, and who was found in a very lowered general state. -
b) The units which followed one another in Mersine;
c) the company of Tchamalan. -

The elements which resisted best so far, are the Companies of the 412thR.I. installed in the huts of the camp of the Dam of Adana. -

It seems difficult to deduce a precise information from it; however it is to be noted that the units of cavalry, first unloaded, are currently touched, which affirms the conditions of insalubrity of Cilicie; these are besides the units which can be less defended against paludism in consequence of the needs of their interior service (feeding troughs, grooming and drudgeries of fodder, etc...)

3°. - With the climateric causes must be added to my opinion the following causes:
a) the Time advanced in the hot season to which the elements present are unloaded in Cilicie (in May 1919 for the 412thR.I.)
b) need for the arriving troops for creating their own installations.
c) lack of a certain number of mosquito nets. -

4°. - Measurements taken to fight as much as possible against this bad medical state were as follows:
a) intensive preventive quininisation;
b) sending in the mountain as far as possible;
c) periodic changing of the garrison of Mersine;
d) organization of a sanatorium in Airan.

Moreover, no work nor NO INSTRUCTION were requested from the Troops during the hot season. -

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