Report of the private Prin Eugène, 21st RTA-EM, prisoner on the 1st–12–1920

On the 1st december 1920, I was included in a column operating in the area of Aïntab and ordered by colonel Dubuisson, of the 21st RTA, I had the feet wounded by the shoes distributed on the road. The Colonel, whose I was the cook, then gave me a horse to carry on my road but this one was as tired as me, I due to remain behind most of the column. Rearguard, ordered by the captain of the 7th Company, overtook me soon without telling me there were no more troop behind. The horse, being no more able to advance, I waited approximately 1 H ½ believing in rearguard soon coming.
Seeing nothing coming, I killed the horse and I went on my road. I followed during a certain time tracks traced by the column, but I was soon completely lost. I was then arrested by Turkish villagers who retained me captive at the village of... during six days. I was completely robbed: clothing, money. I was then directed on Marache with 3 T.A. [Tirailleurs Algerian ] captured a few days after me. In the course of road, soldier Tahar, class 1919 of the 5th Company of the 12th RTA, seriously sick, was finished off at one day of walk of the city. We helped him as well as we could until this moment.

Césarée, january 8, 1921

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