Report of the private Bourdallé Léon, CM2/412, concerning the cemetery of Bozanti

When electricians team was sent in Bozanti, about July 20, 1920, and in which I was included, I state to have noted that the tombs of the French and Arab soldiers fallen during the siege of Bozanti had been degraded; the crosses were removed, the bottles containing the information on these soldiers were scattered on the ground, much even were broken.

Césarée, february 25, 1921

Iskenderun French military cemetery. Entrance

The military cemeteries are the main spokesmen of peace.
Albert Schweitzer (Nobel Prize of peace)

Iskenderun French military cemetery
Photos Capitaine de Frégate Eric Prigent, in charge of maintenance for military cemetery of Iskenderun
Iskenderun French military cemetery

Today, the French soldiers - originating in metropolis or in colonies - fallen at the time of the Cilicia Campaign rest in a military cemetery maintained by France, near Iskenderun, on Turkish land. There are few soldiers of Légion Arménienne burried with them.

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