Report of the sergeant Seko Traoré, 14th Company of the 17th RTS, on the operations of the station of Haradjou and on the incidents which followed

Belonging to the section of Adjudant Bernis, 14th Company of the 17th RTS, I occupied the station of Haradjou when, on October 5, 1920 after four days of attack, our complete consumption of ammunition, all our transportation routes cut, the adjudant seeing useless resistance, put fire at the station, deteriorated the remainder of food and arms and surrendered.
The first day of our captivity, the Turks killed Adjudant Bernis and a Senegalese Rifleman, the remainder of my soldiers and me were completely robbed by them. I want to precise that it is, obeying the order of a Turkish officer, that Adjudant Bernis was assassinated by Tchétés.
During three days that we needed to walk lot of mileage, and all along the way, my riflemen and I were continuously struck.

Césarée, march 28, 1921.

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